Make yourself stand out from the competition with a professional résumé, cover letter and web presence.
I can help you achieve your career goals, as I have done for many others.

You've seen the recent statistics, unemployment continues to be at an all time high.  Companies are being conservative with their recruiting practices and more selective in their hiring.  In addition, with today's technology and job market, you need a compelling marketing piece and a strong web presence that highlights your skills and achievements more effectively than your competition.  Your résumé should focus on promotions, results and direct contributions, not a mundane list of responsilibities and tasks. 

I am a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) and a member of serveral professional résumé writing and career coaching associations including the leading industry associations; The Professional Résumé Writers and Career Coaches Association; http://www.parw.comthe Career Directors International Professional Association; and the Association of Online Career and Resume Professionals;

In addition, I have 19 years of experience in Human Resources with a specific focus on career counseling and job placement assistance since 2003.  Because of this, I am well connected in the hiring community and am keenly aware of what recruiters are looking for in a résumé. 

Finally, I truly enjoy helping people be successful and therefore, provide each client with my undivided attention and a personal committment to developing a superior marketing piece.
Get your résumé done right by someone who has experience in the field. Email your résumé for a no obligation  Work samples are available upon request.

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